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Blog: a strange space that occupies no space yet creates space for thought…

Hmm. On crafting my blog, whatever it is that ‘blog’ means to you, dear reader, I had little intent with where it would go. Did I want to monetize it, so  I could spend my days sipping mai tais on the beach and making money while I sleep? Did I want it to be a how-to guide for those who think similarly to me? Did I want to create courses, seminars, ‘web-inars’, or PDF’s for sale?

All of these options crossed my mind at some point in the journey of writing a blog. It’s easy to become swept up in consumer society where all we are looking for is to make money, the easiest way possible to live the best life possible… But, is that really what we want? Superficially, sure. I can see that a lot of Americans and western cultures seek ease of life. That’s not such a bad thing. However, if that is the only thing, I think we start to lose out on the deep interconnection that is weaved within and without all things.


So. Societal norms, values and taboos aside, I’d like to dive into why, after nearly 9 months of laying dormant, I have decided to write again.


Yep. Seems this idea keep making its way back to me over the past few years. Connection. Connection to one another, to Mother Earth, to our own deep, dark, wild and wonderful hearts. During my last menses, I felt an insatiable urge to seek out women who celebrate their moon time. And let me tell you, they exist. In droves and power that I must have been BLIND all these years to have missed! (Not blind actually, just a child of this century where I am far too inundated with messages that I should mistrust my body, period, and being female… Why? Ha. That’s a whole other post. Suffice it to say ‘culture’ for the time being)

So there I was- day two of seemingly another bothersome period, full of all the goodies we are told to expect and loathe: bloating, PMS, cravings, headache, backache, uterus ache (and any other ache we want to toss in there) the list goes on and I suspect you are familiar with it. I remember once upon a time, a gal I worked with at a yoga studio said

“I LOVE my period! In fact, I refuse to go on birth control so as not to disrupt my natural state!”

“Whhhhoooooaaa there little lady. Haven’t you heard? We’re all supposed to hate this time of the month.”

That’s what my culturally ingrained brain said. My heart perked up a little and hopefully asked “Really? There are women who worship their own bodies? What a concept.”

Heehee, I chuckle inside at this now. I love the process! The process we all get to go through to discover our own power. But getting back to
connection. My laptop is suddenly filled with pages and blogs and articles of real women being really badass. Here is where connection makes its grand entrance. I felt connected to these women, witches, healers, wild-crafters, land lovers and water goddesses as if they were my own blood. Over the years of spiritual wanderings, drum circles, women’s gatherings, sexual healings and feminism have been leading me to what feels a whole lot like right smack dab now in my life. It’s time for me to open into this wonderful realm of being totally and fully WOMAN.

Reading Milla Prince’s blog “The Woman Who Married a Bear” struck such a chord with me. Quick back story: I am 25 years old, currently applying to graduate school in New Zealand to become a Medical Anthropologist. Grew up on a farm, lived my early adult life on the ocean and currently am hunting for where to pour my energies. Voila! Milla! If ever there was a life more perfectly suited to every single one of my childhood, girlhood, womanhood dreams: it’s hers. I’ll not wax lyrical for too long on her lifestyle and what she brings to the table, but she kicked off this rampant search for others like me. What does that look like?


Ah, what a beautiful word that is so fun to say. Milla prince lives her life wild-crafting, engaging with the elements, teaching and healing in a lovely setting. I am currently sitting in a 603 square foot apartment with 2 windows in it facing the metropolis of Austin, TX. A far cry from my native land of Bend, Oregon. I think this is why my heart is seeking out witches of familiar territory.


Jumping from The Woman Who Married a Bear to all of the rich resources Milla has within her own blog, such as the podcast Dream Freedom Beauty, or Asia Sulers work and the list goes on. It was one of the first times in a long time I was thoroughly loving being on my laptop- I couldn’t wait to keep researching all of these wonderful women!

The time has come for me to step more fully into my role as a healer, as a women and as an integral part of this interconnected universe. I invite you, whoever you are and wherever you may be, to step into your role, whichever you choose. Quickly reeling back to my opening paragraph on why I chose to start this blog… Who knows! But I sure am excited for the journey to find out. (Also, I noticed I spent WAAAAAY too long on making the blog look pretty. Who has time for these things? Perhaps some who deem it important, but that excludes me.)


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