5 ways to drastically improve your day

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My morning routine kicks serious butt.

But, not without some concerted effort. Each and every morning I choose to have a good day. I know what practices I need to do to make me happy and set the right tone for the day to come. I have crafted an easy to follow routine that you can do no matter where you find yourself (home, abroad, on a boat…) that sets you up for a productive, mindful and frazzle-free day.


1) Wake up, smile and breath.

Before I even open my eyes I will hover in that spectacularly comfortable position that only occurs right when you wake up. You know the one, you’ve just hit snooze and you know you only have 5 minutes to snuggle back into your blankets. While there, I take a deep breath, flooding my body with oxygen and energy for the day to come and smile. The simple act of smiling does wonders for your mind and body (for more on how your facial gestures and body postures affect your mind, watch this TEDtalk).


2) Small victories.

Once up, I usually putz around and tidy up from the night before. I’ll do the few dishes in the sink or make my bed. This is a very easy way to get my body slowly moving and doesn’t require too much brain power. Plus, knocking out these very simple tasks first thing gives me a sense of accomplishment and primes me for productivity for the day. 

3) Tea!

Tea, tea, tea and then have some more tea. I drink tea. And lot’s of it. And coffee! Each and every day is different. In honoring the ever-fluctuating rhythm of life, I try to listen to my body and ask what it needs each morning. Often I will drink a 16-ounce glass of warm lemon water to flush and rehydrate the digestive tract. Then it’s tea time. Green, oolong, white, black, chai the choices are endless. Each and every variety of tea comes loaded with their own health benefits. If you are interested in learning more about tea’s diversity, I would recommend taking a look at The Tea Spot.


4) Personal sanctuary.

Now that I have warmed my bones with my myriad tea options, I now step into my own little portable sanctuary: my yoga mat. This mat has been with me for years and traveled all over the world. This step is non-negotiable. Yoga has been an integral part of my life for over a decade. It allows me the space to get the blood and creativity flowing, to smoothly awaken my body and set my intention for the day to come. If yoga is not your jams, I recommend any mindful movement that feels natural to you.

5) Thank you.

I recently wrote a post on just how important gratitude is for overall health and well-being. Gratitude is a powerful tool to alter your body at a cellular level. Therefore, I always incorporate thankfulness at the end of my physical each practice day. I make sure to spend 5, 10 or (if I’ve got more time and am really feeling it) 30 minutes to simply sit in silence.  Call it meditation, mindfulness or visualization, I begin by sinking into a quite mind. After these moments of mindfulness, I will write out what I am grateful for. Be it the space and time to be present, or the fact that I get to travel all over the world with the man I love. 


By integrating these 5 simple practices into my daily routine, I have paved the way for the life I wish to lead. It only takes small, actionable steps to realize your goals. My goals are vast and varied and I need to get my days started right to tackle the big projects. Be your own test subject and try one two or all of these tactics tomorrow morning and set these habits in motion. I’d love to hear about your own morning routines in the comments below!


Here’s to a good morning!  

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